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Heavy Current Transducer programmable, 4 analog and 2 digital outputs, 2 power meters, RS 232



Programmable multi-transducer for simultaneously acquiring several quantities in heavy current power systems. 4 analog outputs, 2 digital outputs, 2 meters, RS232.

The output quantities of the analog outputs can be configured as load-independent direct current or direct voltage signals. The digital outputs are suitable for limit value monitoring or energy metering.

  • With 4 analog and 2 digital outputs
  • 2 programmable energy meters for Ah, kVAh, kWh and kvarh
  • Programmable application (type of electrical system)
  • Rated current: 1..6A
  • Rated voltage: 57,7...400V (P-N) rsp. 100...693V (L-L)
  • Programmable universal analog outputs
  • Accuracy: U/I 0.2%, P 0.25%
  • Universal digital outputs: meter transmitter, limit values
  • Password protected software for programming, data analysis and simulation
  • AC-DC power pack with large tolerance range, or AC only
  • Housing for top-hat rail or wall mounting
  • Certifications: CSA 


DME4 configuration software

The display units SINEAX A200 and A200-HH allows to display all measurand data of the multifunctional transducer on-site:

SINEAX A200 Front panel built-in device 96 x 96 mm



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