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Heavy Current Transducer programmable, 4 power meters, RS 232, LON



Programmable multi-transducer for simultaneously acquiring several quantities in heavy current power systems. LON-Interface, RS232.

  • Accurate measurement (class 0.2) of voltage and current, active, reactive and apparent power, power factor and frequency, as well as special current functions (bimetallic, slave pointer, mean value with or without preceding plus or minus sign)
  • Rated current: 1..6A
  • Rated voltage: 57,7...400V (P-N) rsp. 100...693V (L-L)
  • 4 programmable energy meters for Ah, kVAh, kWh and kvarh
  • AC-DC power pack with large tolerance range, or AC only
  • User-friendly customer software
  • Top-hat rail or wall mounting
  • Certifications: CSA 


DME4 configuration software

The display units SINEAX A200 and A200-HH allows to display all measurand data of the multifunctional transducer on-site:

SINEAX A200 Front panel built-in device 96 x 96 mm


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