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Sineax A230 Multifunctional power monitor with system analysis, size 144 x 144 mm



Multifunctional power monitor with system analysis. Panel mounting, 144 x 144 mm. The A230 is designed for application in high, medium and low voltage systems. Any current and voltage transformers are taken into account in the calculation of the measured values.

  • Accurate measured values: U, I: 0.2% P, Q, S, PF, meter: 0.5% F: 0,02 Hz
  • 4-quadrant measurement of all values in AC systems
  • Safe 3-way galvanic isolation between all circuits
  • 2 outputs for pulse or limit values
  • 4 meters for active power: Incoming/outgoing with high/low tariff*
  • 4 meters for reactive power: Inductive/capacitive or incoming/outgoing with high/low tariff*
  • All counter values, recorded values, and settings are kept on a power supply failure
  • System/application: Single-phase 3L balanced/unbalanced (Aron, Full), 4L balanced/unbalanced (Open-Y, Full)
  • Dimensions 144 x 144 x 46 mm
  • 4-digit, 14 mm high LED display 


A200plus configuration software

The modules EMMOD20x extend the functionality of the power monitoring devices of the A series. Depending on the module different bus interfaces are supported, partly with additional data logger and digital inputs as well as pure analog output extensions. The following modules are available:

EMMOD201 Switchable RS232/RS485 (Modbus) interface, data logger, digital input

EMMOD202 2 analog outputs

EMMOD203 Ethernet interface (Modbus/TCP, HTTP), data logger with timestamp, 2 digital inputs

EMMOD204 Profibus DP interface

EMMOD205 LON interface, digital input / output

EMMOD206 M-Bus interface, digital input



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