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Sineax A220 Multifunctional power monitor, size 144 x 144 mm



Measurement and display of all values of a 3-phase current system.

  • Display of all 4 quadrants
  • 63 measurands with high accuracy (U, I: 0,5%)
  • 2 pulse or trip point outputs (S0)
  • Minimal installation depth: 46 mm
  • Transformer ratio programmable
  • 5 programmable intervals for active, reactive and apparent power (avg. values)
  • 8 energy counters for active and reactive energy. All counters show incoming and outgoing energy with 2 tariffs
  • After a power supply failure all values, counter contents, displayed values and programmed functions are available
  • The 14 mm high LED display ensures good readability.
  • Dimensions: 144 x 144 x 46 mm 


  • A200plus configuration software

The modules EMMOD20x extend the functionality of the power monitoring devices of the A series. Depending on the module different bus interfaces are supported, partly with additional data logger and digital inputs as well as pure analog output extensions. The following modules are available:

EMMOD201 Switchable RS232/RS485 (Modbus) interface, data logger, digital input

EMMOD202 2 analog outputs

EMMOD203 Ethernet interface (Modbus/TCP, HTTP), data logger with timestamp, 2 digital inputs

EMMOD204 Profibus DP interface

EMMOD205 LON interface, digital input / output

EMMOD206 M-Bus interface, digital input


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