Connection accessories - Plugs and sockets ZU


ZU15ST:                 15-pin D-Sub (soldering) plug with housing kit

ZU25ST/ZU25BU: 25-pin D-Sub (soldering) plug / socket with housing kit

ZU37SS:                 37-pin D-Sub gender changer (plug to plug)

ZU3DIN:                  3-pin DIN socket for the power supply of the AAB-II, AMS42, AMS42-LAN16f, AMS42-USB, AMS84, AMS84-LAN16f, AMS84-USB, BP16, LAN-AD16f und meM-LOG-SE

ZU37ST:                  37-pole D-Sub plug (solderable) with housing kit

ZU3B711:                3-pin socket of the Binder series 711

ZU5S712:                5-pin plug of the Binder series 712 for the connection of analog signals to the AAB-II


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