The DIN Mount Model 5M30 is a high-reliability conditioner for measurement of displacement, force, pressure, and other parameters obtained with a linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) or other variable transformer transducer.  The 5M30 delivers filtered analog output of ±5 Vdc, ±10 Vdc or 4-20 ma; switch selectable. Based on the synchronous carrier-demodulator principle, the 5M30 can handle a remarkably wide range of signals from 16 to 1600 mV/V full scale — Configuration and all adjustments are performed through front panel controls - simplifying transducer setup and calibration. There is no need for the user to open the DIN case for jumper or switch settings changes.

  • regulated, remotely sensed AC excitation
  • auto-phase and manual phase selection
  • high-stability amplification
  • selectable low-pass active filtering
  • ± 100% zero offset adjustment

The 5M30 provides regulated AC excitation with remote sensing for applications which require long cable lengths1 along with a zero offset adjustment of ±100%.

Selectable high-level, noise-free analog output : The 5M30 analog output can be switched selected via the front panel controls for ±5 Vdc or ±10 Vdc or 4-20 mA.

Powerful low-pass active filtering is selectable for the analog output, for removal of unwanted high-frequency measurement-signal components and the elimination of aliasing errors, if the module’s output is subsequently sampled.


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