The Model 4062 is a general-purpose instrument for conditioning, displaying, and monitoring one or two independent signals received from DC-to-DC LVDT's, potentiometer-type sensors, or other external two-wire DC voltage sources.

Each analog input may be either differential (floating) or grounded (single-ended), and may also represent output from some other instrument or instrument system.  Excitation of ±12 VDC is supplied for sources that require it.  For a wide-range instrument that can be dedicated to a single DC or AC voltage signal, see the Model 4060 DC/AC Voltage Instrument.

As with most standard 4000 Series models, both active low-pass filtering and user-selectable digital smoothing are provided, along with microprocessor-scaled ±10 VDC analog output for strip-chart recording, input to other systems, etc.
There is a special version of the Model 4062 for true, on-line Statistical Process Control (see the Model 4K/SPC-62).

4000 Series options applying to the Model 4062 include

  • RS485 (network) data communications
  • DC-powered (vehicle) operation

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