The single-channel Model 4060 is a wide-range, general-purpose instrument for conditioning, displaying, and monitoring the signal received from an external two-wire DC or AC voltage source.  The input signal may also represent output from some other instrument or instrument system.  Excitation of ±15 VDC is supplied for sources that require it (DC-to-DC LVDT's, potentiometer-type sensors, etc.).

The 4060's single DC or AC analog input may be either differential (floating) or grounded (single-ended), and is galvanically isolated to yield an operating common-mode range of 1500 V.  For an instrument that can be dedicated to one or two DC voltage signals (only), see the Model 4062 DC Voltage Instrument.

As with most standard 4000 Series models, both active low-pass filtering and user-selectable digital smoothing are provided, along with microprocessor-scaled ±10 VDC analog output for strip-chart recording, input to other systems, etc.
There is a special version of the Model 4060 for true, on-line Statistical Process Control (see the Model 4K/SPC-60).

4000 Series options applying to the Model 4060 include

  • RS485 (network) data communications
  • DC-powered (vehicle) operation

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