3KPLUS General Specifications


Extruded metal chassis; mountable to user's panel (see diagram below); secure rear connections via screw terminals


Front-Panel Elements

Rear-Panel Elements

Panel Mounting

Power Requirements

24 VDC ± 10%; 300 mA nom.; 350 mA max.; 8.4 W; optional 18-W AC adaptor available (Model 3KPS1, shown below)

Operating Temperature Range

0° F to 130° F (-18° C to 55° C)

Operating Relative Humidity

5% to 95%, noncondensing

Instrument Weight

1 lb., 10 oz. with 5D module installed

Analog Input 

Sensor input of any standard 5D Series Signal Conditioner Moduleinstalled in the 3000PLUS
NOTE:"V-" and "S-version"models may not be used.

A/D Conversion


Sample Rate

10 kHz; delay of 20-25 msec for limit evaluation of DAC output

Data Display

6-digit red LED; count by 1, 2, or 5 resolution to maximum count of 199990; selectable digital filtering

Displayable Data Channels (selectable via front panel or software)

(1) ±5 VDC Scaled Output
(2) Auxiliary DAC Output
(3) "Raw Volts" Output (settable to ±5 or ±10 VDC full-scale)

Programmable Processing of Auxiliary DAC Output (Channel 2)

Limit Logic

Three limit zones (LOW/OK/HIGH), with front-panel annunciation and corresponding contact relay outputs (see below); latching or nonlatching limits; user-adjustable hysteresis windows; selectable relay polarity.  All limits may be disabled, if desired.

Peak Capture

Positive or negative; controlled by logic input (see below); selectable "peak defeat" and "backout" thresholds; user-adjustable leak rate

Tare Offset

User-adjustable offset applied and released via logic input (see below)

Hold Command

Applied and released via logic input (see below)

Analog Output (Channel 3)

Selectable ± 0 to 5 VDC, ± 0 to 10 VDC, or 4-20 mA, single-ended; 14-bit resolution; 47-Hz filter; update rate of 20 msec

TTL Logic I/O

Nominal 0-5 V, where 5 V = Logic 1 ("true"); ±25 V without damage; noise immunity 1 V; internal pull-down nom. 4.7 kΩ; all inputs assume Logic 0 state in the absence of connection

The following diagram shows how the "PEK" and "HLD" inputs can be independently applied to the 3000PLUS instrument by means of a normally open push button and contact switch (respectively), powered by an external supply of nominal 5-24 VDC.  Similar connections can be made for the other two inputs.  Active TTL logic may also be used to produce the desired logic condition(s).

Relay Logic Outputs

Two for each limit; selectable polarity; 8 A, 250 VAC at full resistive load; switch lifetime at 1 A exceeds 100,000 operations


Three-wire RS232 at fixed 19,200 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity; for setup and data transfer

Front-Panel Instrument Indication

Limit status, displayed channel, setup stage, and overrange (flashing display)—see diagram, above

Rear-Panel Module Status Indication

Green/Yellow/Red; indicates conditioner module input and communications status (see 5D Series General Specificationsfor details)


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