"Peak" option


The “P” option of the 3700 Series Meter is an added function card which provides the ability of the meter to capture and hold + Peak, -Peak, Max-Min or TIR value that originates from the base 3700 instrument. Any 3700 (except Horsepower 3741) can accommodate the "P" option. Peak Mode signals are captured in real-time analog capacitive memory and are available for display and analog output monitoring. Only one of the following four separate modes can be configured for the Peak Capture operation.

Selectable Peak Modes

+ Peak        Captures and holds the most positive measurement signal in the positive quadrant

- Peak         Captures and holds the most negative measurement signal in the negative quadrant

Max-Min      Captures and holds the sum of the MAXIMUM and MINIMUM signal values

TIR              Captures and holds the difference in the Positive and Negative Peak values only in the positive signal quadrant of the measurement

Rear panel connector terminals are used for remote control using logic switches or PLC type I/O control to activate / reset meter functions. Logic I/O signals for Peak Arming and Clearing (tracking) of the Peak capture value, switching the display from Live to Peak, Have Peak output and front panel enabling of the TARE switch for Peak/Reset of the captured value. The resultant analog captured signal is available via the "PEAK" connector terminal as well as the “live” analog signal.


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