Incorporating the Series 3000 perfomance along with updated setup controls and ease of use features, the Model 3740 FREQUENCY to VOLTAGE Panel Instrument interfaces with most AC generated magnetic pickups, turbine flow sensors and other frequency generating sensors to  deliver stable - repeatable and accurate results. The 3740 contains a large LED digital display and a dynamic, selectable hi-level analog output signal for front end use with a PLC, Computer or Data Acquisition system.

The 3740 incorporates setup controls and adjustments behind the front panel for the user to configure the meter for any range of AC signal input including trigger level sensitivity, fine zero, wide gain, analog filter settings, voltage signal output selection of ±5 VDC or ±10 VDC, and 4-20 mA output, and display trimming. The 3740 also features an independent - high speed analog signal for dynamic applications.

• True Analog Operation using "Smart Schmitt" trigger amplifier design
• Front and Rear Panel Remote Calibration controls
• Selectable sensitivity for low level detection or rejection of input signal level
• Accommodates grounded or floating input signal sources


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