The Model 3530 LVDT Conditioner accurately measures displacement, force, pressure, and other parameters obtained with a 5- or 7-wire LVDT sensor or with a 3- or 5-wire variable reluctance transducer.  Input provisions exist for "long-stroke" LVDT's.

Working on the synchronous carrier-demodulator principle, the 3530 supplies nominal 3 VAC (rms) excitation for a single transducer input.  It then demodulates, filters, and amplifies the resulting signal to produce a reading precisely proportional to LVDT core displacement.  The 3530 automatically adjusts the signal phase shift of the transducer in use, thereby insuring optimum sensitivity and linearity.

The 3530 offers all standard 3500 Series features, including

  • selectable digital smoothing
  • custom 15-segment linearization
  • HI/LO limit monitoring with logic I/O
  • scalable analog output
  • analog +peak capture
  • automatic tare offset
  • digital track and hold
  • either single-node (RS232) or multinode network (RS485) communications

The instrument can be completely set up and operated either through the front-panel keypad or via simple mnemonic commands received from an external computer or terminal through the RS232/RS485 Interface Port.


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