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StartPAC 100

Daytronic's Model GS-SP100 is a versatile menu-driven DOS Based software package, designed primarily to provide easy configuration and monitoring of a data-collection network of up to 99 Daytronic instrument "nodes".

StartPAC 100 can also be used, however, in a "single-node" environment—that is, when only a single 3500 instrument communicates with a PC.  In addition to its network setup and configuration "cloning" functions, StartPAC 100 offers a number of other valuable utilities.

StartPAC 100 is easy to use, and offers on-line help at every step.

Network Setup and Management

Once each node instrument has been individually set up and all required network interconnections are in place, the software lets you

  • set communications protocol values
  • assign an instrument "name" to each node, either "manually" or "automatically"
  • verify the network configuration by comparing node instrument assignments to actual attached nodes
  • print the network configuration
  • upload the setup configuration of the currently "open" node to a disk file—a "CLONING" function
  • download a setup configuration stored in disk file to the currently "open" node (if it is of the appropriate type)—another "CLONING" function
  • transmit to printer, screen, or disk file the setup configuration of the currently "open" node
  • "Dumb" Terminal Emulation

StartPAC 100 can emulate a simple ASCII "command and response" terminal, from which the operator may issue any valid command to any specific network node (commands used to initiate standard data transmissions are exceptions).
Data Display and Logging

The software can display up to 100 data channels on user-formatted display pages (the actual number of display pages you can have is limited only by your available hard-disk memory).  Displayed channels may be "mixed" from different network nodes.  If desired, the software can be instructed to scan only one channel, at a rate that is "as fast as possible."

Datalogging can also be initiated via StartPAC 100, and can take place automatically at a sampling rate specified by the user (from "as fast as possible" to up to 24 hours).

Model 10E422 RS232-to-RS485 Converter

This external adaptor lets you convert a 3500 instrument's computer interface port to RS422 standard, when that port is set for single-node (RS232) communications.

The figure below shows how the 10E422 is used to link a 3500 instrument to an external device with RS422 I/O capability.  Baud rate and other protocols for the resulting RS422 interface are identical to those to which the instrument's RS232 port has been set.

A special Daytronic cable (No. 52505) must be ordered with the 10E422 when it is to be used with a 3500 instrument.  This cable makes the required pin-number and gender conversions.

A six-foot power cord is supplied with every 10E422, with a switch-selectable transformer that may be plugged into any standard source of 110 or 220 VAC (60 Hz).  Model 10E422 dimensions (HWD in inches/cm) are 2.09/5.31, 3.25/8.26, 0.56/1.42.

Model 5E485 RS232-to-RS485 Adaptor
Model 5E25 Male-to-Female Converter

The 5E485 is a special connector assembly for interfacing a network of 3500 and/or 4000 Series instruments with an external computer, terminal, or other device with RS232 I/O capability.

The 5E485's 25-pin RS232 port attaches directly to the 25-pin RS232 port of the external device.  Since the 5E485's RS232 connector is male, a Model 5E25 25-Pin Male-to-Female Converter is also required to permit physical connection of the 5E485 to the external device.

The 5E485's 4-pin RS485 Interface & DC Power Port connects directly to the first network node instrument.  In many cases, the network power supply (if required) will also be tied directly to this port (the power source should be 10 to 40 VDC; nominal 24 VDC is recommended).  An external supply is required to power the 5E485, unless the first network node is a 3500 Series instrument, in which case the 3500 instrument's +12 V line may be used in place of an external supply.


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