3500 Series General Description

Each single-channel 3500 Series instrument provides 16-bit, 1-kHz A/D conversion with transparent auto-calibration every 2 seconds.  To ensure noise-free indication and control action, both analog and digital filtering levels are user-selectable from the front panel.

A number of calibration techniques are available, including "absolute," "actual" or "simulated" two-point ("deadweight"), and "calculated."  The best calibration method to employ will depend both on the conditioner model and on known characteristics of the measured test or process.

Nonlinear inputs can be calibrated using internal 15-segment linearization.  Linearization points can be either numerically entered or "forced" to desired output values.

For batch weighing and other applications that require auto-taring, and appropriate offset value can be automatically applied at the touch of a button, by external command, or on receipt of a logic-level input at the rear of the unit.

Both "live" data and user-entered setup values are vividly displayed by the front-panel reflective LCD.  All models are supplied with a large assortment of engineering unit legends on a convenient 4" x 5.5" dry transfer sheet.  Typical measurement accuracies vary with different models (see individual instrument specifications).

Standard Features:

  • Analog signal conditioning with multipole low-pass active filtering and regulated, remotely sensed excitation
  • Selectable analog filtering
  • Selectable digital filtering
  • Internal custom linearization
  • 5-digit LCD digital indication
  • Dual limit monitoring with front-panel annunciation and isolated logic control outputs
  • Programmable limit hysteresis
  • Scalable "live" analog output
  • Real-time analog positive peak capture (most models)
  • Digital track and hold
  • Automatic tare offset
  • Formattable serial-ASCII data transmissions
  • RS232 (single-node) data communications with optional IEEE-488 or RS422 conversion
  • RS485 (network) data communications
  • Automatic print interval
  • Instrument setup via front panel or external computer/terminal
  • Configuration security via code-number entry
  • Logic-input control of peak capture, tare offset, hard-copy printout, and unlatching of latched conditions
  • Free StartPAC 100 software available for network management, data display and communications, and other utilities

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