These instruments accept any type of AC or pulse input signal, single-ended or differential, irrespective of waveform.  Each instrument produces one standard 5 VDC output, each precisely proportional to the frequency of the source.

These conditioners are useful for measuring rpm, flow, and other phenomena that can be sensed by frequency-generating devices like magnetic pickups or turbine flowmeters (see the applications listed below).

The Model 3140A Frequency Conditioner is the basic "Form 1" instrument.

The Model 3240A Frequency Conditioner / Indicator is the "Form 2" instrument, providing vivid front-panel digital indication of measured values, scalable in desired engineering units.

The Model 3340A Frequency Conditioner / Indicator / Controller is the "Form 3" instrument, and includes HI/LO limit detection.  This feature is useful in various control and safety alarm functions (e.g., shaft overspeed, low oil flow, etc.).

A wide selection of frequency ranges accommodates virtually any mechanical measurement requirement.  Input sensitivity level is continuously adjustable via front-panel control.

A simple procedure, using an internal crystal reference oscillator and adjustable span controls, allows precise calibration in terms of frequency, rpm, gallons per hour, or any other appropriate unit.  An auxiliary excitation supply of -9 VDC is available on the rear connector.

3000 Series options applying to these instruments include

  • Analog Peak Capture (Models 3240A and 3340A)
  • 4-20 mA Current Output (all models)
  • 0-10 VDC Dual Galvanic Isolated Output (Models 3140A and 3240A)
  • Internal Relays, Electromechanical and Solid-State (Model 3340A)
  • 12 VDC Battery-Powered Operation (all models)
  • Nominal 230 VAC Operation (all models)

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