With the installation of an optional circuit board, real-time analog peak capture is possible for a Form 2 or Form 3 instrument, in addition to its normal "tracking" function.

Controlled either by front-panel push buttons or by a remote user-installed switch, a "P" unit can "freeze" and display the last positive input-signal "peak" value to have been perceived.  The analog output is held at this value until a RESET command is applied.  A subsequent higher signal excursion disables the "hold," permitting the capture of subsequent higher peaks.

To prevent low-signal noise from triggering a "peak hold," the peak capture function is automatically disabled when the input is less than 8% of full scale.  If you require peak capture within the 0-8% range, contact the factory.

Because it is digitally held, a displayed peak value will not decay.  The maximum decay rate for a held analog output is only 0.1% of full scale per minute.

With all Form 3 instruments, limits are automatically latched upon peak capture, and are automatically reset on return to normal "track" mode.

NOTE: The "P" Option may NOT be used in combination with the "C," "G," "R," or "S" Option.


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