With this option, a Form 1 or Form 2 instrument can furnish two independent galvanic outputs, each 0-10 VDC (2 mA maximum), full scale.  These outputs are completely isolated not only from each other but also from the 3000 instrument's "common."

The use of galvanically isolated outputs prevents ground-loop effects in interconnections with remote data-acquisition systems or controllers.  The presence of two independent outputs lets you send collected data to two different systems or devices, each with its own ground.

Load limit for each output exceeds 10 kΩ.  Output bandwidth is normally 40 Hz; the "G" option can be easily modified, however, for other bandwidths up to 500 Hz.

NOTE: The "G" Option may NOT be used in combination with the "C," "P," "R," or "S" Option.


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