Optional Accessories

"C" Option

4-20 mA Current Output

Operating in this mode, any 3000 Series instrument can transmit high-accuracy measurement data as process signals for supervisory monitoring and control.

Each "C" unit produces two kinds of analog output simultaneously: (1) its normal voltage output and (2) a current output continuously proportional to the voltage signal to within ±0.05%.

As normally shipped, this option generates a current output within the ISA standard signal range of 4 to 20 mA, corresponding to a range of 0 to +5 V.  Bipolar ranges of ±16 mA and 4 to 12 to 20 mA are also available, each corresponding to -5 to +5 V.  Voltage compliance is +5 V relative to Signal Common.

NOTE: The "C" Option may NOT be used in combination with the "G," "P," "R," or "S" Option.

"B" or “F” Option

Power Supply Input

The “B” option for the series 3000, provides a power input capability for the instrument of 11.5-15 VDC, 500 mA maximum.

The “F” option replaces the standard AC input voltage of 105-135 VAC with the ability to power the unit with 210 – 260 VAC

NOTE: The "B" Option may NOT be used in combination with the "S" Option.

"G" Option

Dual Galvanic Isolated Output

With this option, a Form 1 or Form 2 instrument can furnish two independent galvanic outputs, each 0-10 VDC (2 mA maximum), full scale.  These outputs are completely isolated not only from each other but also from the 3000 instrument's "common."

The use of galvanically isolated outputs prevents ground-loop effects in interconnections with remote data-acquisition systems or controllers.  The presence of two independent outputs lets you send collected data to two different systems or devices, each with its own ground.
Load limit for each output exceeds 10 kΩ.  Output bandwidth is normally 40 Hz; the "G" option can be easily modified, however, for other bandwidths up to 500 Hz.

NOTE: The "G" Option may NOT be used in combination with the "C," "P," "R," or "S" Option.

"P" Option

Analog Peak Capture

With the installation of an optional circuit board, real-time analog peak capture is possible for a Form 2 or Form 3 instrument, in addition to its normal "tracking" function.
Controlled either by front-panel push buttons or by a remote user-installed switch, a "P" unit can "freeze" and display the last positive input-signal "peak" value to have been perceived.  The analog output is held at this value until a RESET command is applied.  A subsequent higher signal excursion disables the "hold," permitting the capture of subsequent higher peaks.

To prevent low-signal noise from triggering a "peak hold," the peak capture function is automatically disabled when the input is less than 8% of full scale.  If you require peak capture within the 0-8% range, contact the factory.

Because it is digitally held, a displayed peak value will not decay.  The maximum decay rate for a held analog output is only 0.1% of full scale per minute.

With all Form 3 instruments, limits are automatically latched upon peak capture, and are automatically reset on return to normal "track" mode.

NOTE: The "P" Option may NOT be used in combination with the "C," "G," "R," or "S" Option.

"R" or "S" Option

Internal Relay Option

With this option, a Form 3 instrument can switch power for control action in all types of open-loop or ON-OFF closed-loop operations.  It may be used, for example, to actuate alarms or sorting devices, or to start up or shut down external processes.  Both relay types are controlled directly by the unit's LIMIT VIOLATION outputs.

The Electromechanical Relay ("R" Option) is ideal for DC or low-level switching.  Two normally open and two normally closed contacts are rated at 8 amps, 250 V-AC at full resistive load.  Switch lifetime at 1 amp resistive load exceeds 100,000 operations.

The Solid-State Relay ("S" Option) is suitable for controlling medium-power AC loads, or for highly repetitive operations (since its lifetime at full resistive load exceeds 10,000,000 operations).  Its contacts (similar to those of the Electromechanical Relay) are rated at 3 amps, 250 V-AC at full load.  Zero-crossing circuitry ensures low EMI.

NOTE: The "R" Option may NOT be used in combination with the "C," "G," "P," or "S" Option.  The "S" Option may NOT be used in combination with the "B," "C," "G," "P," or "R" Option.

3004 Option

Power Rack Mount Panel for up to four instruments


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