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This extraordinarily versatile dual-channel Counter Meter can perform a wide variety of functions, particularly when it is equipped with the "R" OPTION ("EXTENDED DUAL-CHANNEL COUNTER"). 

Each of the following 2140 / 2140R functions is described separately below.  General 2140 Specifications (applying to all modes of operation) are also given below.

  • DUAL-CHANNEL UP/DOWN TOTALIZING with independently scalable channels and presets
  • RATIO AND DRAW MEASUREMENT with arithmetic functions applicable to rate or total
  • TIME INTERVAL MEASUREMENT AND "STOPWATCH" OPERATION for periodic time measurement and one-time events
  • PHASE ANGLE AND DUTY CYCLE for offset in degrees and ON/OFF period in percent
  • PULSE-INPUT BATCHING with three relay outputs for automated batch control

In general, the 2140's two channels can accept PNP or NPN outputs from proximity switches and other pulse-generating industrial transducers; TTL or CMOS logic signals; magnetic pickup pulses down to 12 mV; contact closures; low-level outputs from all types of turbine flowmeters; or AC line inputs of up to 250 V-AC.  The inverse period technique is used to calculate frequency or rate up to six places, and with an update as high as 25/s (see General Counter Meter Specifications).

Nine hysteresis pairs are jumper selectable for reliable triggering with different signal levels.  Low-pass filtering for noise reduction and contact debounce times are selectable (see Specifications, below).

The 2140's six-digit display can show any value from -999,999 to 999,999 with programmable decimal point.  Scaling allows direct readout in desired engineering units (e.g., gallons or cubic feet based on counts from a turbine flowmeter).  The channel to be displayed is selected via a front-panel pushbutton.

The peak value of the input signal is automatically captured and may be  displayed via front-panel push button or a control signal received at the rear connector (since the last meter reset).

The built-in isolated excitation supply can power proximity switches and other sensors, if required.

In addition to the "R" OPTION (discussed, where applicable, in the following sections), 2000 Series options applying to the Model 2140 Counter Meter include:

  • Isolated Relay Outputs
  • Isolated Analog Output (the 2140's ability to output an isolated 4-20 mA signal which tracks a total may be unique among totalizers)
  • RS232 or RS485 Interface
  • BCD Digital Interface
  • Low AC/DC Power

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