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These Digital Panel Meter (DPM) models provide highly accurate, stable, and repeatable temperature indication for signals from Type J, K, T, E, N, R, and S thermocouples.

TC range and resolution (1° or 0.1°) are selectable from the front panel or via special commands issued over the optional serial interface.  Data display in units of degrees Kelvin or Rankine can be selected by offsetting the Celsius or Fahrenheit range, respectively.

Cold junction compensation automatically corrects for temperature variations at the thermocouple reference junction of the meter.  Open sensor indication is standard, and may be set to indicate either upscale or downscale.

All ranges for all temperature sensor types are digitally calibrated at the factory to NIST standards, thus eliminating the need to recalibrate in the field for potentiometer-related drift errors.

As with all 2000 Series DPM's, the peak value of the input signal is automatically captured and may be displayed via front-panel push button or a control signal received at the rear connector (since the last meter reset).  Data readings and outputs can be separately selected to be either filtered or unfiltered.

With the optional Analog Output Board, these meters can serve as superb, isolated 4-20 mA transmitters.  The analog output is scaled to the display, which is linearized to °C or °F and is exceptionally accurate.  The analog output tracks the high read rate of the meter (up to 56 readings per second at 60-Hz power).  Fast update rates are beneficial in many closed-loop and PID control applications.

With the optional Dual Contact or Solid-State Relay Board, a temperature meter can serve as an extremely fast and accurate ON/OFF controller for closed-loop temperature control, or as a supervisory process monitor, providing alarms or shutoffs when the process exceeds normal limits.


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