USB serial communication board allows a digital panel meter, counter or timer to be interfaced to a PC with an available USB port. Its primary use is as an alternative to the RS232 board for programming, since most new computers now feature multiple USB ports as opposed to RS232 ports. As for the RS232 board, connection to a PC allows programming via Windows-based Instrument Setup Software, or to output readings to a PC for display and datalogging. The USB board is shipped with a driver on a mini CD ROM.

A single USB meter is normally connected to a host computer via an off-the-shelf USB line with A and B connectors. The line can be up to 5.0 m (16.4 ft) long according to the USB standard. Driver will assign a COM port address to the connected device, which is then treated like an RS232 device.

  • Suitable for all DPMs, counters, timers & remote displays.
  • USB Type-B connector for plug-and-play connection to a PC USB port.
  • Allows multiple meters to be connected to a PC via a hub.
  • Data rates selectable up to 19,200 baud.
  • Powered by instrument.
  • Isolated from meter and power grounds.



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