Modbus RS-485

The RS485 Modbus interface board is identical to the RS485 Interface Board, except that it uses 8-wire RJ45 jacks as recommended by the Modbus standard, as opposed to 6-wire RJ11 jacks. Both boards are equally compatible with the Modbus RTU and Modbus ASCII protocols.

Operation can be configured for full-duplex or half-duplex operation using jumpers on the RS485 Modbus board. Transmission distances up to one mile are possible. In case of long line lengths, a jumper can be plugged in the RS485 Modbus board at the end of the line to insert a 120-ohm termination resistor to minimize signal reflections.

  • Allows up to 247 meters to be addressed using the Modbus protocol.
  • Allows up to 31 meters to be addressed using the ASCII protocol.
  • Dual RJ45 connectors allow daisy chaining of meters without a hub.
  • Suitable for all 1/8 DIN DPMs, counters, timers & remote displays.
  • Jumper selectable 2-wire (half duplex) or 4-wire (full duplex) operation.
  • Selectable baud rates to 19,200.
  • Isolated from meter and power grounds.

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