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Model 10KU Mainframe

The "10KU" is the smallest of the System 10 "A-sized" mainframes offering four "A-card" slots.  It is intended for high-speed front-end data acquisition and logging applications where a relatively small number of transducer inputs and analog/logic control signals are involved (up to 32 analog I/O, up to 64 logic I/O), and where optimum portability is desired (including optional DC-powered vehicle operation).

There are two basic "10KU" types: the standard Model 10KU and the Model 10KU-KD, which is equipped with a front-panel keypad and two-line LCD "billboard" display (described below).  When equipped with the Satellite Operation ("S") Option, either "10KU" version may act as a standard "node" within a System 10 Satellite Network.

Available Analog Conditioner ("A Card") Slots

Four (4)

Available Digital Processing
("B Card") Slots


Maximum Number of Analog Channels*


Analog I/O Capacity**


Maximum Number of Logic Bits


Logic I/O Capacity***


Mainframe Options

Satellite Operation ("S"); Vehicle Operation ("V12" or "V28")

Keyboard / Keypad Provisions 


OPTIONAL extended or operator's keyboard with 2-line LCD "billboard" display (Model 10P80D or 10P25D)

OPTIONAL remote multichannel VFD display with extended keyboard (Model 10VFD-R with 10P80A)

OPTIONAL front-panel LCD "billboard" display with keypad (Model 10DISU)


INTEGRAL front-panel keypad

OPTIONAL extended or operator's keyboard, with or without 2-line LCD "billboard" display (Model 10P80A, 10P80D, 10P25A, or 10P25D)

Data Display Capabilities


OPTIONAL remote 8-line, 12-channel vacuum fluorescent (VFD) display, 140 x 35 mm, up to 25 feet (Model 10VFD-R)

OPTIONAL front-panel or keyboard 2-line LCD "billboard" display (Model 10DISU, 10P80D, or 10P25D)


INTEGRAL front-panel 2-line LCD "billboard" display

* Up to 1000 channels can be handled when the "S" (Satellite) Option is present.

** Assumes all "A Slots" are dedicated to analog I/O only (with eight channels per slot).

*** Assumes all "A Slots" are dedicated to logic I/O only; requires one optional Model 10AIO-16 Logic I/O Card for every group of 16 bits to serve as logic I/O.



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