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Model 10A9-8C Eight Channel Thermocouple Conditioner

is a general-purpose conditioner with built-in reference-junction compensation. It accepts up to eight independent temperature signals from Types B, E, J, K, R, S, and T Thermocouples. Any desired mixture of these thermocouple types is permitted. Sensors may be grounded or ungrounded, in any desired mix. An amplifier-per-channel design with chopper stabilization and active low-pass filtering allows high-speed scan switching of high-level, stabilized signals, at exceptionally low cost per channel. During operation, appropriate reference-junction compensation, real-time digital linearization, and engineering-unit scaling are automatically applied by the System 10 Central Processor for each type of thermocouple used.

The Model 10A9-8C includes a rear-panel connector block with screw terminals for direct attachment of TC leads (which cannot be soldered). The same connector accommodates all TC types. Since the connector assembly also contains a dual-bead precision thermistor for measurement of the reference-junction temperature, no external cold junction is required—although the user may supply his own Controlled Ambient Temperature Zone for reference-junction compensation, if desired. NOTE: When the 10A9-8C is used in System 10, the reference-junction-corrected temperature is made available to the Central Processor through the Model 10A11 Thermocouple Output Processor Card. The purpose of the 10A11 is to proportion and sum the cold-junction reference signal and the amplified TC signal of each channel for presentation to the system's Analog Signal Bus. One 10A11 must therefore be installed in every System 10 A-card rack containing one or more Model 10A9-8C's.


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